From Qualicum to Paris

Bronte MacKenzie is making her way in the world of modelling

Bronte MacKenzie gets her feet wet in this underwater photo shoot.

Bronte MacKenzie gets her feet wet in this underwater photo shoot.

She is a natural beauty and with brains to go with her classic good looks the recent grad of Kwalicum Secondary School is well on her way to becoming a successful model.  At 5 feet 10 inches tall and all the right characteristics that make a good model 18 year old Bronte MacKenzie has got the look and the camera loves her. Her agency in Vancouver believes she has what it takes to be successful in the modeling business and has been sending her to high fashion shoots in Europe and Asia. MacKenzie signed on with the Lizbell Agency after she just dropped by the office to put out some feelers in the spring. Since then she has walked the cat walk in Singapore and Paris and has done some exciting magazine shoots.

MacKenzie didn’t go to modeling school to learn her trade…her knack for the industry likely comes from genetics. Her aunt is in the business and she encouraged her to try it out.

“My aunt is a model and has done a lot of traveling. It looked like it would be fun. She’s the one who told me to call Lizbell,” said MacKenzie.

In 2011, MacKenzie graduated with honors from KSS.  She admitted she doesn’t see the world of modeling as a long term career and eventually she wants to go to university for either dentistry or medicine but for now she loves the traveling opportunities the modeling industry provides.

On her first trip abroad she went to Paris where she admitted she felt bit nervous being on her own. She said once she settled in she enjoyed exploring the city.

“At first it was scary … but then it was fun. It is exciting to be in a big city by yourself.”

She agreed the business is very competitive particularly in Paris where she experienced some not so friendly models.

“No one was mean to me but some of them are stuck up.”

MacKenzie has also worked in Singapore where she said the people were much more friendly.

As for some of the craziest things she has had to do for work she recalled one that was definitely different.

“There was one shoot I did in Paris where I had deer bones in my hair.”

MacKenzie said she did an underwater shoot that was a lot of fun but also very difficult.

She has worn ridiculously expensive clothes on the catwalk and admitted they are way beyond her budget.

She said when she goes on a casting call she wears very plain clothes because the client wants to see the natural beauty of the model.

MacKenzie will be adding to her portfolio in the new year as she heads to Milan in January and then Paris in February for Fashion Week.

One day she could be on the cover of Vogue magazine but for now the small town girl isn’t letting the glamour or the dark side of the industry affect her good natured personality.  She is spending the holidays knitting and hanging out with her family and friends in Oceanside.