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Landscaping costs have you out on a limb? City of Parksville could help

Property owners offered one-time rebate for planting a tree
News file photo - The City of Parksville is offering a rebate up to $50 for people who plant a tree on their property.

The City of Parksville is offering a $50 rebate for property owners who plant a tree on their residence or business.

The rebate is being offered to encourage the growth of an “urban forest” in Parksville, according to a release from the city.

There are several caveats. The tree has to be planted on private property within the municipal boundaries of the city of Parksville. It must be on private property, not on city boulevards or right of ways, for example.

Trees have to be planted in the ground - not in pots or containers - and the tree must be able to attain a mature height of over 4.9 metres or 16 feet.

Shrubs, bushes and other plantings are not eligible.

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Property owners can apply for one rebate per property each calendar year. The offer is only valid for trees purchased on or after July 1, 2019.

The City of Parksville cites a number of benefits from trees, including reducing stress levels and fatigue, calming traffic, enhancing privacy, increase property values, improving air quality, moderating the environment and reducing storm water runoff.

To apply for a rebate, head to the city website. There is an application form, and property owners must provide proof of purchase and planting.

For more information about the tree rebate program, please contact the operations department via phone at 250 248-5412, or via email at

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