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Christine had no plans to move into a retirement community, and now she can’t wait!

After two years of isolation, moving will bring friendship, activity, delicious meals and more
Christine recently put down a deposit on a suite at Berwick Parksville. She’s excited to move in later this year!

If you’d told Christine two years ago that she’d be “beyond excited” to move into the new Berwick Parksville, she wouldn’t have believed you.

Of course a lot has changed in two years — many of us have been much more isolated due to the pandemic, and Christine was no different.

“I went from chairing the Events Committee for Newcomers to nothing. I was due to graduate in April 2020 and had various activities lined up, but COVID decided otherwise,” she says. “I love the people in my bubble and my cat is great company, but not the best conversationalist!”

As a single person, Christine grew tired of cooking for herself and eager for a bigger community. Suddenly, Berwick Parksville seemed to be the way to go. She was intrigued by the idea of living somewhere brand new, and all the activities available.

“I’ve always enjoyed taking cruises, and started to wonder — could living at Berwick be similar?”

Attention to detail

Before settling on Berwick Parksville, Christine checked out a few retirement communities in Nanaimo, just to be sure. But she noticed that most of the residents in those communities were quite a bit older than her — she’s learned that a number of people who’ve put down deposits at Berwick Parksville are in their mid- to late-70s.

“I also realized I wanted to stay close to my current home, where friends and service professionals are,” she says. “Everything is walking distance from Berwick Parksville, plus there is a bus outside, and the Berwick About Town Car — good to know as I plan to give up my car.”

One of the first Berwick community events Christine attended was Art in the Park, hosted by Berwick staff with additional volunteers from the Oceanside Community Arts Council.

“Having been a marketer and event planner, I always notice little details. Nothing was overlooked with their hospitality and how the event was run, making us all feel really welcome,” she says. “I soon discovered the attention to detail that is a Berwick signature.”

As soon as Berwick started accepting deposits, Christine reserved her suite. She’s brought friends to explore the show suite, and says they’re all more than impressed by the size of the rooms, the décor and again, the attention to detail.

”Having seen some of the sample menus, I can see myself entertaining my current friends in the dining room. As an avid arts supporter, I love that there’s a theatre and art space. I also love the sporting activities outside, plus the gym with different classes, all in-house! I can’t wait to try it all, even things I haven’t done before.”

Your adventure awaits

The first residents move into Berwick Parksville later this year, and Chrsitine hopes to become a Berwick Ambassador, helping new residents feel welcome. Will she see you there?

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