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Do you know what the ‘M’ and ‘N’ stand for in this popular Parksville store’s name?

It’s been a fixture in Parksville since the year 2000, but M&N Mattress and Sofa Gallery still has a few surprises in store, with an exciting new look coming soon.
The Nagra family from left: Neelam, Matthew, Natasha and Mark. The ‘M’ and ‘N’ in M&N Mattress and Sofa Gallery stands for Matthew and Natasha. Photo credit: Mercedes Leung

It’s been a fixture in Parksville since the year 2000, but M&N Mattress and Sofa Gallery still has a few surprises in store, with an exciting new look coming soon.

You know the store offers quality B.C.-made mattresses and sofas (with a selection from other Canadian manufacturers). You’ve probably heard about their mattress giveaways, and you may have heard about the popular Pure Energy Mattress, previously known as the Ironman Mattress. But do you know what the ‘M’ and ‘N’ stand for?

“They’re the first initials of our children, Matthew and Natasha,” smiles owner Mark Nagra.

Mark had dreamed of opening his own store, but couldn’t imagine it ever happening.

“I had no idea that we’d own an old-fashioned family business for over two decades, and here we are working together after all these years. We are blessed and very grateful to the community and our staff,” Mark says. “It’s a pleasure working with my wife and daughter, listening to them tell jokes and stories at the store, and then we go home and do the same.”

Back in 2000, stocking the store was fairly straightforward. Mark already had over a decade of experience working in the furniture industry, and had built strong relationships with suppliers that continue to this day. When it came time to order a sign, he was forced to come up with a name and logo. That’s when he decided to honour his children with the ‘M’ and ‘N,’ and the Canadian manufacturers he’d committed to carrying with a maple leaf.

“From Day One our logo has had a maple leaf on it, because both of our children were born in Canada and the majority of our products are built in Canada,” Mark says.

Both Nagra children were under the age of 10 when M&N Mattress and Sofa first opened, and both got their first jobs at the store as teens. Matthew is now a Naturopathic Doctor in Vancouver, and Natasha has taken on a leadership role at M&N Mattress and Sofa Gallery, helping with everything from customer service to product research and community outreach.

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After choosing the letters ‘M’ and ‘N’ for his kids, Mark realized the letters had even more family significance: they match his own initials, and they’re also the initials for Mark and his wife, Neelam.

“Every once in a while someone will call us M&M, but the name is for our children, not the candies,” Mark laughs.

Mark credits the community’s unwavering support, fantastic suppliers and a great customer service team for the store’s success for more than 20 years.

“It’s been a great place to raise our kids from elementary school to high school graduation. We’re excited to see what the future holds. We have a few things in the works as we speak!” Mark says with excitment.

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