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Essential steps for a good night’s sleep (and why your mattress matters!)

How important is a good night’s sleep to you?
‘If your mattress is past its prime, it’s likely not providing the support you need,’ says Parry Gallagher, owner of Coombs Junction Furniture. And that could be affecting your sleep!

How important is a good night’s sleep to you?

For many, it’s not the value of sufficient sleep that’s in question, but how to achieve it. For some, that means the challenge is falling asleep, while for others it’s staying asleep once they’ve nodded off.

Why is that important? Insufficient sleep can impact our health, not only affecting things like cardiovascular wellness, maintaining healthy weight, safety and mental health – and that doesn’t even touch on the sheer struggle of trying to focus on an afternoon meeting while daydreaming of a few more Zs.

Conversely, fitfully sleeping the recommended seven to eight hours a night can let us awake refreshed and ready to greet the day with focus, resiliency and a positive outlook.

Good “sleep hygiene” can be a good place to start, including reducing stress, avoiding too much caffeine or alcohol, putting the electronics away at least an hour before bedtime, and maintaining a regular bedtime schedule. While some sleepers like silence, and others a little background “white noise” (yes, there’s an app for that!), most will benefit from a room that remains dark until they’re ready to wake up.

So with all those measures in place, it’s time to consider the bed, or more specifically, the mattress – after all, if your mattress doesn’t suit your sleep style or needs, sleep can remain elusive.

It’s one of the reasons the team at Coombs Junction Furniture chooses very carefully the mattresses they sell, notes owner Parry Gallagher.

“If your mattress is past its prime, it’s likely not providing the support you need,” Gallagher says. “At the same time, everyone’s a little different in what feels comfortable for them. If you’re waking up sore, or find yourself tossing and turning, there’s a good chance your mattress isn’t doing the job you need it to do.”

And that’s why test-driving a mattress is a must – come into the store and try them out for firmness, support and comfort – it’s the only way to know if a mattress is a good fit.

This month, the Coombs Junction team make it even easier to get a good night’s sleep: from now until April 5, receive 20 per cent off all TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses.

And it’s no wonder 95 per cent of sleepers recommend their TEMPUR-Pedic: The open cellular structure immediately and precisely adapts to your weight, shape and temperature, with your body heat causing the material to soften, so it continuously adapts to your shape as you sleep through the night.

While some memory foam sinks where your weight rests, making it difficult to turn over, the TEMPUR material provides both support and pressure relief exactly where you need it.

Visit the team at Coombs Junction Furniture today to get the essentials you need for a great night’s sleep. Stop by at 2701 Alberni Hwy. or online at You can also stay up-to-date on all the happenings on Facebook!