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Fantasy becomes reality: Today’s seniors benefit the most from modern tech

The futuristic world of The Jetsons, not so far-fetched anymore
The Vancouver Island, Ears to You team! - Photo courtesy of Ears to You.

If 1960s cartoon dad George Jetson was a real person, he would be born sometime next year in 2024.

Set in the not-so-distant future of 2062, The Jetsons were the family of the future to many of today’s seniors. When the show first launched, the life of this charmingly average family must have felt more like fantasy than reality, but oh how times have changed!

While we may not have our own melodramatic Rosey the robot maid quite yet, much of The Jetsons’ space-aged technology has already become mainstream in our lives and for many seniors that can be more then a little unsettling.

“Seniors could arguably benefit the most from modern technology,” says Jeff Campbell, owner of Ears to You. “Unfortunately though, many seniors find today’s technology to be overwhelming and even a little scary at times. It’s important that caregivers and loved ones take the time to help seniors embrace the technology around them and use it to their fullest potential.”

One area of modern technology that Jeff really hopes to see more seniors embracing is the modern hearing aid and its bluetooth/wireless connectivity capabilities.

“Hearing aids today are amazing little pieces of technology when you consider what they looked like and how they performed even as little as 10 years ago,” Campbell says. “They can be connected directly to phones, tablets, even some televisions and using those features can vastly improve a senior’s quality of life.”

Campbell and his mobile team of audiologists hope to spread the word to seniors that learning to use their hearing aids to their full potential is not scary – it’s easy and that they can help.

“Teaching seniors how to use their new hearing aids is part of our job. We’re educators as much as we are medical professionals,” Campbell says. “Teaching you how to use, enjoy and benefit from your new hearing aid is apart of our fitting process.”

The Ears to You team offers clients hands-on training and ongoing support, and the best part? They’ll come straight to your door, anywhere on the Island from Port Hardy to Victoria.

Book your next appointment with the gold-star hearing experts at Ears To You online here or by phone at 250-619-5746. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news.

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