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Folks who ‘come from away’ now proud to call Parksville home

A dozen different stories, each with the same result — Berwick Parksville has exceeded expectations
Proud residents of Berwick Parksville who “came from away” to make a new home in the retirement community.

On a blustery morning in early November, a dozen people gathered in a private dining room sipping a warm cup of tea or coffee and shared the interesting events that led each of them home to Berwick Parksville.

“It was such an awesome morning! All of these people chose not just Berwick, but the community of Parksville. They’ve relocated from across BC and across Canada, and are now making their home with us,” says Corinna Ludovici, Community Relations Manager for Berwick Parksville.

Newly solo, he sought community

When his wife passed away, retired RCMP officer Ken started his journey in seek of community living. He moved from Powell River and was surprised to see there was a number of people he knew from Craig Bay now calling Berwick Parksville home. The town also rekindled memories of family vacations camping on the beach in Parksville.

“It brought back positive memories of small-town life,” he says.

After considering many options he set his sights on Berwick Parksville. Since moving in, he’s been committed to cycling and joined the Parksville Golden Oldies Sports Association, on top of all the events inside Berwick that keep his social calendar full.

Keeping the family together

“I had no hesitation whatsoever — I was ready to get back to a Berwick,” says Lorne, a former Berwick Family resident who’d tested the waters in another community in Victoria.

Lorne moved to Berwick Parksville alongside his sister, the last remaining member of his family. It was important to keep that connection close, while opening new connections — and now Lorne is well on his way.

Marion also moved from Victoria to be closer to siblings. She loves the activities and amenities at Berwick Parksville, as well as the proximity to her family.

For Thora, moving from another retirement community to Berwick Parksville means she’s now only five minutes away from her daughter and son.

“I’m hoping this is the last move I have to make — I’m 97!” she laughs.

Residents of Berwick Parksville gathered in one of the retirement community’s private dining rooms to share the interesting events that led each of them home to Berwick Parksville.
Residents of Berwick Parksville gathered in one of the retirement community’s private dining rooms to share the interesting events that led each of them home to Berwick Parksville.

Affordable living on Vancouver Island

Because Ann lived at Berwick Royal Oak in Victoria for several years, she knows the Berwick hospitality well. She still loves the Berwick Royal Oak community, but decided it was time for another adventure.

Now she gets the best of both locations: new adventures and experiences at Berwick Parksville, and she can book the guest suite at Berwick Royal Oak to reconnect with friends as often as she likes. It’s an affordable option that keeps her inside the Berwick family.

She also enjoys how light and airy the new Berwick Parksville building feels!

Exceeding expectations

Two-and-a-half years ago, Glenda and Al Dirkson travelled from Saskatchewan to Nanoose Bay to take on a house sitting assignment. That sparked the first of many conversations about whether it was time to make a change.

They heard that the new Berwick Parksville building was going up, so they made an appointment to visit.

“And just like that, with faith on our side, we sold our home, packed up our little black car and moved home to Berwick Parksville.”

Their new home has exceeded all their expectations.

“The location is amazing to walk to the dentist, to the hair dresser, and of course to the ocean,” Al says.

For active living events further away, they utilize the Berwick Bus to explore new places. When asked what advice they’d give to other seniors considering a move, Glenda offered this wisdom:

“Don’t be afraid of change.”

Making new friends

Ann had lived in a three-bedroom home in Chilliwack for 30 years, but after chatting with her daughter in Nanoose Bay they decided together that the house was too much work and it was time for a change. She’s loving life at Berwick Parksville, where she’s making new friends and particularly fond of the daily exercise classes.

Ester also moved from the Lower Mainland in Maple Ridge. She does miss her friends and life over there, but after hearing the stories from more settled residents she remains hopeful for the months ahead — she’s only been in Parksville for three weeks!

The best of the best

While living in West Vancouver, Joan started touring a number of retirement communities from Vancouver to Victoria to the Comox Valley. Berwick Parksville won out for many reasons: it’s a brand new building with high ceilings and thoughtful décor, the monthly rent is competitive, and she was excited to reconnect with the local community.

Thomas and Rowena also chose Berwick Parksville for the great rates that fit their budget, the airy building that doesn’t feel closed-in, plus the amenities and exercise options at their fingertips. They already knew they loved Berwick Retirement Communities, having considered the option several years prior.

“We made a mistake when we left Parksville for Vernon four years ago, and now we’re grateful to be back, and have a home in Berwcik,” says Thomas, who’s excited to be closer to friends and family again.

Move in today!

Every aspect of life at Berwick is carefully crafted. Discover how you can live life to the fullest at Berwick Parksville. Call 250-468-6000 to arrange your visit.

To discover more about this all-inclusive, stress-free community, residents’ suites and upcoming tours, register at or contact Corinna Ludovici at

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