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Learn top tips from these local furniture experts!

With over 100 years of experience, this Parksville mattress and sofa store has a wealth of knowledge
The staff of M&N Mattress and Sofa have over 100 years of experience in the furniture industry, and love sharing that knowledge with customers.

Combined, the expert staff at M&N Mattress and Sofa have over 100 years of experience in the furniture industry. That’s a lot of knowledge!

Owner Mark Nagra has been serious about studying products and industry trends since he started in the business 34 years ago, and he encourages his staff to dive deep too.

“The more we know, the better we can serve our customers,” he says.

The piece of advice M&N staff share most often:

  • Mark: “If you’re not satisfied, please let us know so we can do our best to make it right.”
  • Theresa: “We’ll take good care of you — we’re the best in customer service!”
  • Wendy: “Approximately 85 per cent of our products are Canadian-made, and our customer service is exceptional.”
  • Kevin: “All of the products we sell have great warranties, and we personally take care of any product issues right here in our store.”
  • Natasha: “I often explain our Comfort Exchange Guarantee. We want to ensure our customers are happy with their choice, and the Comfort Exchange Guarantee alleviates the pressure of choosing the right fit in a single day. We do our best to point them in the right direction, but understand that they may realize days later that something else may suit them better,” she says. “We have their back always; long after purchasing.”
  • Sukh: “I’m passionate about being knowledgeable, respectful and honest when meeting customer’s needs.”
  • Neelam: “We look after our customers, and will make sure you’re happy with your purchase.”

One surprising or impressive tidbit staff have learned by studying the furniture and mattress industry:

  • Mark: “How rewarding it is to help people sleep better.”
  • Theresa: “I’ve been surprised by the effects of COVID on the furniture market — the wait times are almost forever, so I’m grateful we have so much already in stock. I’m also impressed with the Ultra Comfort Company. Their Brisa Ultra Fabric L line up offers a lifetime warranty, which is a very good deal!”
  • Wendy: “The quality between Canadian-made and overseas-made is night and day.”
  • Kevin: “I was surprised and impressed to learn that there are so many B.C. mattress and furniture manufacturers.”
  • Natasha: “I was surprised how much there is to learn about mattresses, materials and sleep! It’s so important to educate our customers so that we can help them find a mattress that best suits their needs.”
  • Sukh: “It continues to impress me how much we need and depend on furniture and mattresses in our everyday life.”
  • Neelam: “One thing I was surprised to learn about the mattress business is the huge difference between latex and memory foam. Also, how much information there is to learn about each mattress!”

Over 100 years of experience:

  • Mark: 34 years in the furniture industry, 20 years with M&N.
  • Theresa: 10 years in the industry, 14 months with M&N.
  • Wendy: 21 years in the industry, two years with M&N.
  • Kevin: one year in the industry, and one year with M&N.
  • Natasha: two years in the industry, and two years with M&N.
  • Sukh: 29 years in the industry, and 10 years with M&N.
  • Neelam: 21 years in the industry, and 21 years with M&N.

Visit the expert staff at M&N Mattress at 291 East Island Hwy, or get inspired at or