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Mobile hearing care leader suggests other health providers join him on the road

Mobile healthcare offers convenience and better accessibility for everyone
The Vancouver Island, Ears to You team! - Photo courtesy of Ears to You.

Mobile healthcare services are expanding on Vancouver Island and across the country, making basic healthcare services more accessible and convenient – not just for seniors but the rest of society as well.

While Ears to You is the most well-known mobile healthcare service currently available on the Island, Jeff Campbell, owner of Ears to You, suggests more are on the way.

“Mobile healthcare providers in all fields are starting to find each other and looking for ways to work together to not only benefit one another but provide better care and support to patients as well,” Campbell says.

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Ears to You is well known as a local success story, having grown across the Island before reaching into the Lower Mainland and even parts of Alberta in recent months. But Campbell says the business is continuing to evolve and along with their plans to continue their Canada-wide expansion, they’re also connecting with care providers in other areas of practice to diversify the services available to their patients.

Interested in making the shift from brick-and-mortar to mobile care?

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and in this case the inspiration for innovation as well, Campbell says. How healthcare is provided is changing very rapidly as the need for better accessibility continues to grow.

Campbell, with his clear track record of success, suggests that care providers in all fields consider how they might branch out and benefit from this rise in demand for more mobile healthcare services, especially on Vancouver Island.

“Audiology is not the only medical practice that has the potential to go fully mobile. There’s an opportunity to get ahead of this major shift in the medical field,” Campbell says. “Physiotherapists, fall-prevention experts, kinesiologists, podiatrists and many other specialists have the potential to better serve their patients by offering mobile services.”

While Campbell was tight-lipped on the specifics of who might be officially partnering with Ears to You in the near future, he says it’s not too late for other care providers looking for local partnerships.

“This is a great opportunity for other care providers to make the shift to mobile care before the market is over-saturated,” he says. “But time is of the essence and those interested should consider taking the leap from brick-and-mortar to mobile clinics soon or someone else will.”

Interested care providers can reach out to Campbell via email for more details at

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