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Vince’s Gym Reviews - Fitness Training and NSP Nutrition Products

Vince’s Gym is a fitness and nutrition program that covers the span of one year to improve muscle gains and definition with a hands-on approach with the coaches. The program is entirely digital, but users get access to many other parts of the program (as well as discounts for supplements) to give them the best chance of success. What is Vince’s Gym?

Vince’s Gym is a fitness and nutrition program that covers the span of one year to improve muscle gains and definition with a hands-on approach with the coaches. The program is entirely digital, but users get access to many other parts of the program (as well as discounts for supplements) to give them the best chance of success.

What is Vince’s Gym?

Working out is a personal decision, and every man has different goals that they want to meet. While this aspiration is incredible, there are many companies online nowadays that haphazardly throw together an online guide and call it a day. Where is the personal interaction? What if the customer has a question? Vince Gironda, a dedicated trainer that has been involved with many professional bodybuilders, decided to make a dent in the market with his own program to improve the odds of success for anyone who is serious about their body.

Referring to himself as the “foul mouthed Italian,” Vince has quite a few successes under his belt already. He’s trained some popular celebrities to get fit, including Carl Weathers and Clint Eastwood. He’s known among his followers as the Iron Guru, and he was part of the training for the first Mr. Olympia known to the world. In fact, he’s also helped to train the first 17 champions of this title before their wins, improving their muscle thickness with routines that other programs just don’t offer. To date, no one has been responsible for the physique of more champion bodybuilders than Vince has.

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His program works because he uses methods that may seem a little archaic, but they work. Most of these techniques have lasted through the years, and he’s been responsible for build many of them up. He’s responsible for concepts like muscle confusion, the ketogenic diet, the preacher curl, German volume training, and more. His influence on the world of fitness cannot be understated, and it all started with a small training facility in the 1940s. Early in his career, Arnold Schwarzenegger was even one of the patrons that frequented his humble establishment, helping Vince to create a program that no one else has offered.

The Phases of the Vince’s Gym Program

The key to the success of Vince’s Gym is found in phases that every participant will go through. They are all staples to the program, and they can work for anyone that wants to get involved. The phases start with the 8x8 Honest Workout.

The 8x8 Honest Workout is named for the “honest day’s work” that the body will feel like it has gone through. Muscle mass will get an implosion of power, increasing in thickness and density with every single training session. Most users experience an incredible burst in their progress, but they’ll also get a jump to their newfound confidence. While some people may try to cheat on the program during this phase, sticking with it is the key to major results.

During phase 2 – Muscle Definition – consumers will change their routine. Instead of focusing on getting bulkier muscles, they’ll zero in on getting leaner. The metabolism boost that users will experience from all of the new muscle mass is already tremendous, but the Muscle Definition phase will take advantage of the power to truly melt the pounds away. More definition will appear on arms, legs, back, and other muscle groups as more weight is shed. It is the time to essentially become shredded, rather than just muscular.

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The third phase – the 6x6 – is the workout program that made Vince famous. It helps users to increase their muscle mass at an incredible pace, starting from a place of a lean body with incredible muscle definition. Users will add to the overall mass that shows off the power behind different areas. Their arms will become thicker, their back will become wider, and their calves will even see an incredible boost. This phase is what made Larry Scott – the first Mr. Olympia – into the bodybuilder that he became. If it can help a professional, it can help the average guy who wants to look and feel incredible. Plus, it makes all of these changes faster than anyone could’ve imagined.

The fourth phase – Bulk Up – may be the final one, but don’t expect to stop working out or working on the body. With all of the holidays that are centered around food, consumers will need a little support to stick with their nutrition. The program will help users to take advantage of these moments to increase strength and promote a bigger size. They’ll have the freedom to enjoy the foods that they want to indulge in, but they’ll also work with the bulking program to further boost the muscle mass that they’ve accumulated. Legs and arms will substantially benefit from the gains, and it will round out a full year of training with the most strength that the participant has ever experienced.

The entire point of these phases is to make steady and incredible progress over time. Users will have all of the support that they need to go through the process, which also includes an exercise guide and a nutrition plan, as well as the instruction videos that will guide the user through each of the movements that they should take on. The videos are all hosted by Arman Eckelbarger.

Purchasing Access to Vince’s Gym

The total cost of this program is a small fraction of the value - $197.

Users will get access right away, giving them the ability to look through all of the phases,


  • Access to Vince’s Vault, which holds all of the training courses and nutritional tips that Vince has already gone over with existing members.
  • Access to the Iron Guru Community, which is a group of other enthusiasts that are already involved in the program to get support.
  • Access to live monthly events that give the user the opportunity to get questions answered by the coaches of Vince’s Gym.
  • A digital copy of “The Wild Physique,” which is a book that is no longer in print by Vince himself, showing more tips on getting in shape and teaching the user about the bodybuilders that Vince has trained (like Larry Scott and Mohamed Makkawy).
  • A 10% discount on all of the NSP supplements on their official website, which was founded in 1972 by Vince.

Plus, if consumers find that this program isn’t the right one for them, they have up to 60 days to opt out.


Frequently Asked Questions About Vince’s Gym

How does Vince’s Gym vary from other online workout programs?

With Vince’s Gym, users will get a year-long subscription to his program that uses traditional methods to get in shape. It has already resulted in many champions in bodybuilding, and users will have access to regular live training sessions. They also get nutrition plans that are backed up by long-time evidence, and other individuals are there to support them along the way.

Other brands simply offer an e-book as a download with a program that is seemingly just thrown together to make money quickly. Vince’s Gym is highly interactive, providing support as the user makes progress.

What is the value of Vince’s Gym?

If the full value was the cost that consumers had to pay, the total price tag would be over $1,600. Just the access to the program for the year would cost $996 for 4 90-day sessions. Then, there’s the Iron Community annual membership ($197), the access to Arman’s coaching and live events ($297), the access to the vault ($97), and a copy of “The Wild Physique.”

What if the customer is unsure about their investment with Vince’s Gym?

Every person gets out of a workout what they put into it. The process can be challenging but in the best way. Consumers that find that this program simply doesn’t help them get in shape can get a refund within 60 days of the original purchase by getting ahold of customer service.

The customer service team can address any other questions or concerns by sending an email to


Vince’s Gym provides online access to a comparable regimen to what consumers can typically go through in the physical gym that is hosted by the owner. The program takes a rather long time to go through, though the payoff is incredible in the end. Users get all of the support they need to outline their plan, including the nutritional tips and demonstrations of the different movements.

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