Alert neighbours foil would-be car thief

It's important to get to know your neighbours, say police

Alert neighbours are being credited with foiling a would-be car thief and forcing him to take to his heels, rather than someone else’s wheels.

Oceanside RCMP Corporal Jesse Foreman said the incident took place at 5 p.m. on April 16 in the 3500 block of Harris Crescent in Qualicum Beach.

“Residents in the area discovered that a neighbour’s car was parked in a shallow ditch away from its normal parked location,” he said. “Upon a neighbour’s investigation into the incident a male was seen fleeing into the woods.”

The vehicle’s owner returned home and confirmed that he had not left his car at that location.

Foreman said police conducted extensive patrols in the area, but  the suspect, who’s description was unclear, was not found.


“This serves as a great example of what caring neighbours can do for one another,” Foreman said. “It is so important to get to know your neighbours and watch out for them. In this case it would appear that the suspect was spooked by residents who did not ignore a vehicle that was out of place.”