Bank stabilization work approved in Parksville

Parksville council was impressed with an extensive report requesting permission to stabilize the bank on waterfront property.

Parksville council was impressed — if a bit suspicious — of an extensive report requesting permission to stabilize the bank on waterfront property.

“It seems so simple, I’m a little suspicious, is there anything we’re missing?” asked Coun. Carrie Powell-Davidson.

Director of engineering and operations Robert Harary assured council the report satisfied staff on the technical aspects and it looks like a very sound, environmentally friendly approach.

The plan calls for a “soft shore” approach using anchored logs above the high tide mark and stacked rocks further up to protect the “toe” of the bank from erosion.

The 34 page report from staff, including 19 pages from Lewkowich Engineering, says the 20 metre bank rises 36 degrees from horizontal and will become unstable in the foreseeable future.

The work is said to be needed to secure the existing dwelling, independent of a subdivision application currently before council.

The report takes wave action into account and Harary said the work doesn’t require Department of Fisheries and Oceans approval because it is above the high tide.

The work will be done from the bank side with small machines that will minimize damage and not disturb the beach. It would maintain existing trees and replant disturbed areas.

There is a current development permit application from Merdyn Development on behalf of property owner Leona Margaret McKillop to subdivide the 1.9 ha. strip along Doehle Ave. between Temple St. and the water into 20 residential properties.

The city is considering a seven metre parkland dedication along the waterfront, a three meter walkway from neighbouring Panorama Place across the property and cash in lieu of the remaining 481 sq.m required as a five percent parkland dedication from subdivisions.

With mayor Chris Burger and Coun. Al Greir absent the rest of council unanimously granted the permit.