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Campfire and open fire ban lifted on Vancouver Island

Open burning will now be permitted starting Sept 27 at noon
The ideas that form the Aspen Proposal were begun over many discussions around campfires. (Phil McLachlan - Black Press Media - File) The fire ban in the coastal fire region will be lifted Sept. 27 at noon. (Phil McLachlan - Black Press Media - File)

The campfire and open fire ban for the Coastal Fire Region will be lifted starting Sept. 27 at noon.

All open fires will be once again permitted within the coastal fire region. This region encompasses Vancouver Island and the southern coast of the province.

Activities which were banned but will now be permitted include:

- The use of tiki and other similar torches

- Chimeneas

- Outdoor Stoves and portable campfire equipment, with or without a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Underwriter Laboratories of Canada (ULC) rating.

-Fireworks and firecrackers

- Sky Lanterns

- Binary Exploding Targets

- Burn Barrels, and burn cages of any size

- Air Curtain Burners

Open fires, which run under Category two and three, the following activities are allowed:

- Material within one pile, not exceeding two metres in height or three metres in width

- Material which burns concurrently in two piles not exceeding two metres in height or width

- Burning stubble or grass over an area that does not exceed 0.2 hectares

Category three, an open fire that burns, the following is allowed:

- Material concurrently in three or more piles each not exceeding two metres in height or three metres in width

- Material in one or more piles exceeding two metres in height or three metres in width

- One or more windrows

- Stubble or grass over an area exceeding 0.2 hectares

Although fire danger ratings have declined in the region due to recent rainfall and cooler temperatures, the public is strongly encouraged to continue exercising extreme caution with any campfire. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that burning is done in a safe and responsible manner and in accordance with regulations. Before lighting any fire, check with local government authorities to see if any local burning restrictions are in place.

The public is still strongly encouraged to exercise caution, despite recent rainfall and cooler temperatures.

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