Candidate faces a penalty

If Bill Preston wants to run in District 69 again, he’ll have to pay

If Bill Preston wants to run again as a school trustee for Area F in School District 69 (Qualicum) he will be facing a $500 penalty.

Preston missed the March 19 deadline to disclose a financial statement in regards to his campaign costs saying it was an oversight on his part.

Under the Local Government Act, all candidates in a local election must file a disclosure statement within 120 days after the general voting day.

Preston submitted his statement on April 3 which declares he spent $520 on signs, pamphlets and brochures.  The statement lists zero campaign contributors.

Bernice Hannam, Secretary-Treasurer for the school district said there is a 30 day grace period but if Preston were to run again in the future he would have to apply to the Provincial Court to seek relief of his $500 penalty.

Preston said he is getting some legal opinions on how to deal with that even though he doesn’t know if he would run again in the future.

The incumbent lost his school board seat back in November after sitting for two terms as a trustee.

Preston said although he has no intention at this time to run again he doesn’t want to close that door but he also doesn’t want to pay a fine.

“I am not getting younger.  I would be 71 in the next one but my MO is never say never,” he admitted.