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Cleanup from storm proves costly in Qualicum Beach

Wind storm tossed branches and even whole trees to the ground

Qualicum Beach town  council has no opinion on whether or not a local restaurant should be allowed to change its liquor licence.

The proposal put forward by Giovanni’s Ristorante on Second Avenue would allow the restaurant to offer entertainment as well as good and drink. In a report to council, chief administrative officer Mark Brown noted it is the town’s practice not to comment on such requests.

• Although town staff have had to deal with some unexpected expenses — such as the substantial renovations at TOSH, the municipal budget is on track, says Financial administrator John Marsh.

He said the town is $125,000 over on the parks buildings and washrooms budget so far, but noted there are always some line items that are over and some are under. Overall he added, the town has gone through 85.6 per cent of its operating budget at the 84 per cent mark for the year.




• Cleanup of debris the park and trail system from the November 11 wind storm took 250 man-hours in Qualicum Beach, said public works head Al Cameron.

He noted the storm resulted in the town being forced to utilize its emergency generators to power the water and sanitary sewer system during the storm’s resulting power outage.




•  The Qualicum Beach Volunteer Fire Department didn’t have to put out any fires in the first half of November, but they did respond to eight medical aid calls, as well as two rescues, one motor vehicle incident, two mutual aid requests and one call for duty officer attendance.




• Bylaw officer Don Marshall may have covered a lot of ground patrolling parks, beaches and the uptown core in the first half of November, but he got most of his action right in the office, with noise complaints coming in fast and furious. In a report to council he said noise complaints  continue to be a concern at certain addresses in the town.

He said he is trying to get co-operation from the homeowners involved, but he warned if it is not forthcoming he will likely take further action to ensure compliance with the town’s noise bylaw.

• The business at 210 Second Ave. will be allowed to extend their canopy after receiving a variance from the town.


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