Fraser supports new leader

Alberni-Pacific Rim MLA excited about party's future under Dix

His candidate of choice may have finished third in the NDP leadership race Sunday, but Scott Fraser isn’t crying the blues.

Rather, the MLA for Alberni-Pacific Rim said he — along with the entire NDP caucus — is energized, enthusiastic and ready to take on the Liberals under their new leader, Adrian Dix.

“I’m very happy,” Fraser said Monday. “It was a very exciting event yesterday, with a high level of participation from the members and we have come out much stronger and ready to take on these Liberals.”

Fraser, who supported John Horgan for the party’s top job, said Dix will provide a clear choice for voters in the next provincial election.

“This is more fundamental than left and right,” he said. “I see it as more about who gets to share in the common wealth of British Columbia. Under the Liberals, that concentration of wealth and the difference between those who have nothing and those with everything has never been greater.”

Fraser noted his party will be able to take their new leader for a spin when the B.C. legislature returns for a spring session on April 27.

“They are going to let us back for a very abbreviated session,” Fraser said. “It works out to about four weeks, so after being away for 10 months — you could have a baby in that time — they want to make this the shortest session in history.”