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Guard against bike theft

A few simple steps can save a whole lot of heartbreak and hassle

With warmer weather upon us, Oceanside residents can expect to see more bikes on the road — and police expect to see more reports of bike thefts.

In order to help prevent the loss of their wheels over the summer, Cpl. Richard De Jong of the RCMP said there are a few steps cyclists can take.

• Record serial numbers so they can be identified if located.

• Photograph your bike.

• Never leave your bike unlocked in public. Take the extra step and remove the seat or a wheel as an extra deterrent.

• If storing your bike at your residence, store it in a safe location.

• If you are leaving your bikes unattended in the back of a vehicle, lock the bikes to your vehicle.

• Most bike stores keep serial numbers and information of your purchased bike.


• Avoid leaving your bike on or in your vehicle in an underground parking lot, as thieves find ways in. If you are required to store your bike in a designated area, such as a bike locker, use a high quality lock as well and take the extra step of removing the seat or a wheel.