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Kelowna man arrested after 500 kilos of cocaine found on boat near Nova Scotia

Aleck Villeneuve, 38, faces several drug trafficking charges
A photo of the drugs seized on the sailboat that was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia. (Photo: RCMP)

A Kelowna man was arrested after allegedly being caught with more than 500 kilograms of cocaine.

Aleck Villeneuve, 38, is alleged to have been one of two people on a sailboat that was stopped by the Canadian Coast Guard off Nova Scotia on Sunday, Aug. 29.

The coast guard, along with Quebec RCMP, initiated a search to locate a suspicious boat. As officers approached the boat, smoke was observed and fire rapidly spread throughout the sailboat.

While the occupants of the sailboat were taken into custody on board a coast guard vessel, the officers assigned to control the fire noticed packages floating in the cabin. The packaging, shape and size were similar to cocaine packages seized in the past, stated Mounties.

Investigators seized 552 kilograms of suspected cocaine. Villeneuve and Karin Marley Simons, 32, were both arrested in relation to the incident.

Both face charges of conspiracy to import narcotics. Villeneuve faces additional charges of importing cocaine and possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Simons is currently wanted by police. He escaped police custody while receiving care in a hospital.

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