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MLA undecided

Cantelon feeling much stronger but not fully recovered from heart attack

Parksville-Qualicum MLA Ron Cantelon is continuing his recovery from a heart attack last fall.

“I’m finding the energy is encouragingly coming back,” Cantelon said. “I have to pace myself, but we start early in the legislature and you do  what you have to do and then in the afternoon I take a little rest.”

Cantelon said he isn’t ruling out another run at politics in 2013, but his options are open.

“I’m not decided if I’m going to run again,” he said. “I feel better every month and I still have a passion for the job and I still have things I want to get done.”

One of those, he said, involves the need to make changes to the forest industry in order to avoid sending so many raw logs — and the jobs that go with them — overseas.

“I want to make changes to the forest sector to develop secondary manufacturing,” he said. “We need to get that going. We can’t allow our resources to be bit by bit shipped overseas.”

Cantelon said he plans to make a decision about his political future in the fall.


“I’ll see how I feel,” he said. “I have to be up to the job and there are personal and family issues to consider as well.”