Bill Neufeld is running for mayor in Parksville.

Bill Neufeld is running for mayor in Parksville.

Neufeld seeking mayor’s chair in Parksville

City of Parksville: Neufeld, Bill — mayoral candidate

  • Nov. 4, 2014 11:00 a.m.

Bill Neufeld is running for mayor of the City of Parksville.

“Following three years as a councillor, I decided to run for mayor putting forth a platform of change, very different from the departing mayor or my opponent,” Neufeld said in a news release.

“My platform speaks to the need to:

• evaluate all of the alternatives that could satisfy Parksville’s need for a water treatment plant;

• hold tax increases to no more that B.C.’s Consumer Price Index increases;

• protect parksville’s waterfront by  grooming the beach, buying the private waterfront lands and culling the geese;

• extend the walkway around Surfside, across the slough and through the estuary to city land on the Englishman River, and installing a pedestrian/bicycle bridge over the river to connect with Rathtrevor and Resort Way;

• redevelop, renew and reinvigorate Parksville’s downtown through the use of site-specific zoning, lot-line build-out, off-site parking and incentives;

• stop paying for a non-existent train and use the railbed as a trail for residents and tourists alike;

• increase the charges and fees for development such that people coming here to buy new homes pay for the cost of the needed increased services.”

“Some of this needs to be done immediately, and some will occur in many years — that’s vision.”