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New rates hammer business

Under the proposed structure, the tourist information centre, for example, would pay 80 per cent more

Feedback about a proposed new water rate structure suggests the plan needs further review, says Mayor Chris Burger.

There are four calculators on the city website that let residents see what they might pay under the proposed changes, which Burger said are showing some “substantial increases” for some people, which he feels are worth taking a closer look at.

Kim Burden, executive director of the Parksville and District Chamber of Commerce, said he was glad to hear the city will be reviewing the rate structure.

“We did some work on what the changes would mean and just for us at the tourist centre, with public washrooms and sprinklers, it would be an 80 per cent increase,” he said.

He said he sampled various businesses including an auto-shop, retail store and large and small restaurant and the increases were 50-75 per cent.

He said the chamber is requesting to speak at the next council meeting on Oct. 15 when the new structure is scheduled for a final vote.

Meanwhile Burger encourages people to try the online calculators (at and provide the city with any relevant feedback.

If approved, new billing rates would take effect in the next billing cycle in March 2013.