Online poll doesn’t count — only Nov. 19 counts

Parksville's mayoral candidates not too concerned about poll furor

After controversy about Qualicum Beach candidates encouraging people to vote in The News’ online poll, similar rumours surfaced in Parksville.

Parksville mayoral candidate Paul Reistma admits he encouraged people to vote in on-line poll, but that “people shouldn’t attach too much to it.”

“You’re paper allows letters to the editor from everywhere, even off the Island,” he said, “and the poll itself is very unscientific, just a bit of fun.”

He said he sees the poll as “a good thrust to get people involved,” but that in the scheme of things it is “small potatoes.”

Acting mayor Chris Burger said he encourages people to vote all the time, but other than maybe his wife he didn’t ask anyone to vote in The News’ poll.

“There is a perception that leading in the polls encourages other people to vote for you, but the only poll that counts is on November 19.”

He pointed out that he, like any candidate, doesn’t have any control over what other groups that support him may do.

He said he knew the polls would be manipulated as soon as he saw them, though he knew it was meant as entertainment, he frankly wished The News hadn’t done it.