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Parksville council decides to update election procedures bylaw in 2022

Change includes clarification of how to decide tied vote

Parksville council has voted in favour of amendments to the city’s election procedure bylaw, including a change to clarify what happens in the event of a tie.

Council, during its June 6 regular meeting, followed a staff recommendation to amend the bylaw so a tied vote, after a judicial recount, is decided by lot, rather than a runoff election.

Staff recomended this option to avoid the time delay and additional costs associated with a tiebreaker election, according to a report by Amanda Weeks, chief election officer and manager of administrative services.

The city’s election procedures bylaw previously did not specify the procedure for a tied election and so would have required a runoff race in accordance with the Local Government Act.

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Council also voted to provide the city’s chief election officer the authority to provide additional voting opportunities in response to changing circumstances, such as adding voting opportunities to reduce crowding related to COVID-19.

Also updated was including the city’s historical practice of posting election nomination documents on its website as part of the election procedure bylaw.

Section 89 of the Local Government Act requires nomination documents delivered to the chief election officer be available for public inspection in the local government offices during its regular office hours from the time of delivery until 30 days after the declaration of the election results.

A local government may, by bylaw, provide for public access to nomination documents in any manner it considers appropriate, including by online or other electronic means.


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