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Parksville mayor will no longer be referred to as ‘Your Worship’ in meetings

Council amends procedure bylaw in Dec. 5 decision
The Parksville Civic and Technology Centre at 100 Jensen Ave. (PQB News file photo)

Parksville’s mayor will no longer be addressed as ‘Your Worship’ in council meetings.

Council gave three readings to a bylaw amending Council Procedure Bylaw, 2018, No. 1541, by deleting Section Section 16 (3) and replacing it with a new Section 16 (3) that states, “members shall address the chair as ‘Mayor’ or ‘Chair’ and shall address a member by that councillor’s surname preceded by ‘Councillor’.”

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It replaces a bylaw adopted in October 2019 that instructed council members to address the mayor as ‘Your Worship’.

Council Procedure Amendment Bylaw, 2022, No. 1541.3 was carried unanimously at the Dec. 5 regular meeting.

— NEWS Staff

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