Parksville’s Backyard hen people selfish – Coun. Grier

Having chickens shows a lack of respect for neighbours

There was some opposition, but it appears backyard hens are coming to Parksville.

“I’m for this, I’ve heard only a few opposed and many for it,” Coun. Carrie Powell-Davidson said during a regular council meeting last week.

Councillors Peter Morrison and Marc Lefebvre agreed that they have heard some opposition but mostly support. Coun. Al Grier on the other hand said he’s now surveyed almost 200 people and none of them want the bylaw.

“We’re opening a whole can of worms. We can’t enforce the bylaws we have now,” he said, adding that it might lead to the need for another bylaw officer, which he wouldn’t support.

He said over 50 people approached him at the Knox Fall Fair to tell him to stand his ground against the bylaw which would allow people to keep up to four hens on properties over 1,000 sq.m (0.25 acre), around double the city’s average lot size.

He repeated his point from previous debates on the issue that the problem is people don’t like to complain about their neighbours. They don’t want the chickens, but will not speak out against them.

He said people wanting chickens are very selfish and it shows a lack of respect for their neighbours.


Mayor Chris Burger said he believes responsible owners could keep chickens without disturbing the neighbours.