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PODCAST: Jagmeet Singh talks healthcare in one-on-one interview

TODAY IN B.C.: National NDP Leader is holding roundtable discussions in B.C.

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The Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada and the Member of Parliament for Burnaby South has been holding roundtable discussions in various locations throughout British Columbia.

Peter McCully, host of ‘Today in B.C.’ caught up to Jagmeet Singh on Vancouver Island.

Singh says that overall, the people that he has talked to in the sessions are offering feasible solutions to healthcare issues.

‘The solutions that are being proposed by some of the healthcare workers and residents are very achievable’, says Singh. ‘One of the solutions that we keep on hearing is the idea of a team-based healthcare approach where you go into an office with a nurse, a doctor, a physiotherapist, a dietician, a social worker to deal with the problems that people face with in a holistic way in dealing with it all together.’

The NDP Leader says that they are the party of healthcare, and they are defending Tommy Douglas’ vision of universal healthcare across the country.

‘The solution to a healthcare system that’s not working isn’t to make it two tier, isn’t to introduce more for-profit options. It is to strengthen what we have and improve what we have and expand on what we have so that it’s there for people’ says Singh.

In a wide-ranging interview, Singh talks about affordability issues, the Canada Pharmacare Program and Affordable Housing.

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