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Corinne James asks: where do you stand on government funding for the arts?

The Old School House arts centre representative Corinne James asks this week's candidate question

The Old School House arts centre representative Corinne James asks this week's candidate question

Where do you stand on government funding for the arts (i.e., Would he or she support restoring the support that has been so radically cut in recent years.)

Corinne James – TOSH


 Barbara Biley

The MLPC believes that taxes on income and consumption are retrogressive. The funds that are needed by the state to meet the needs of the people of the country for health care, education, social programs and all aspects of sports and culture, infrastructure, etc. should be taken at the point of production, a claim alongside of those of the workers and the owners of capital.  The state’s claims on the wealth produced must be sufficient to provide for the needs of all Canadians and music, art and all aspects of culture and organized sports should be provided in the schools and communities without cost or based only on what people can afford.




We recognize the many benefits of a vibrant arts and cultural community in Canada and we commit to a stable base of annual funding with increases similar to that provided to health, transport and energy.


James Lunney

We are investing more in arts and culture than any Government in Canadian history, (almost 20 per cent increase). Five budgets passed in Parliament each has increased funding. During recession we actually increased funding for arts and culture when it was most needed. We will continue strong support for arts, culture and official language programs.




The arts are part of our vibrant culture. From theatres to writers, from painting to music, our community is full of artists who contribute so much. Sustainable funding is vital to the future of arts, and New Democrats will restore the funding cut by Conservatives. We will promote Canadian content on television and in theatres, and implement tax averaging for artists.


Renee Miller

A Liberal government will significantly increase support for Canadian artists and creators by doubling the annual budget of the Canada Council for the Arts from $180 million to $360 million over four years. We will also restore the PromART and Traderoutes cultural promotion programs, pass effective copyright legislation, stabilize funding for the CBC and promote more Canadian content.




Government funding of the arts represents a relatively small expenditure that yields huge dividends, both culturally and economically and is a primary indicator of the health of our nation’s future.  Our approach will include a massive reduction in the cost of producing and experiencing art for governments and for citizens by amending legislation such that only the use and copying of works in the commercial context is regulated.


Frank Wagner

Leave arts funding as it is. This is not a time to talk about increasing the funding.




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