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Regional District of Nanaimo directors to be supplied with iPads

RDN amends equipment, expense claims policy
(PQB News file photo)

The Regional District of Nanaimo board has approved amendments to its members’ equipment and expense claims policy.

The board approved the policy amendment at its regular meeting, Sept. 27.

To ensure directors have the tools and equipment they need to do their jobs, the RDN will provide electoral directors with a laptop, iPad and monitor while municipal directors will receive an iPad.

The projected costs associated costs of iPads for 19 directors is $32,300 which will allocated from the adminstation budget. The cost for laptop and monitors for electoral area directors is estimated to be $17,150 but it could go down if a director opts not to receive this equipment which will be funded from the electoral area administration budget.

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Staff noted there are some municipal directors who receive internet allowance from their municipalities while others do not. To make it fair to everyone, the RDN will now provide internet allowances and will be charged to the administration budget.

The RDN would also provide the electoral area directors with a mobile device including a plan or reimburse the director for the cost of a new mobile device up to a maximum of $400 for the four year term of office and monthly allowance of $50 reimbursement for a mobile telecommunication plan.

Expenditures related to electoral area directors such as meals, overnight per diem, private dwelling reimbursements, internet allowans, laptop or iPad are now going to be charged to the electoral area administration budget. While those associated with municipal directors, the expenditures will be covered through the administration budget.

— NEWS Staff

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