Report taggers – cops

Take a picture of graffiti before you clean it up — but clean it quickly

A rash of graffiti in Parksville’s downtown core has police urging business owners to clean it up quickly, but take photos of it before they do.

Oceanside RCMP Corporal Jesse Foreman said he has heard numerous complaints from downtown business owners about the so-called tagging incidents over the past few weeks.

“I did a bike patrol the other night and was aghast at all the tagging I saw,” he said. “It’s unsightly and costs far too much money.”

“We catalogue every tag and make files of them, so if we catch an offender in the act, every tag is a separate count of mischief. If there is a tag on your business, call us before you get rid of it. Take photos of  it,” he said. “A specialist could link that person to each one of those tags.”

He said it’s important to clean up the grafitti quickly, as others are more likely to put their tag beside an existing one, making a bad situation worse.