School board goes online

Board of School District 69 implements web-based discussion forum

The district now has a new online public forum running on their website at

While response has been slow so far, the board is optimistic that as word gets out it will become a continuation of the vibrant discussions going on in the community over various school-related issues in the past year.

“It’s just another form of communication, I hope it gets well used,” said trustee Julie Austin introducing the feature at the last school board meeting.

They hope it will be used for ongoing constructive discussions between everyone from students and teachers to senior management and the board, parents and the wider community in general.

It has been “kick started” with a handful of hot topics like busing, budgeting and visioning and will add other topics as they come up.

Four of the five member board were newly elected in November, having campaigned on a need for more transparency and open communication between the board and public.

They stressed that the online forum will be in addition to any other ongoing public forums and various forms of communication, not replacing anything.

Click on the ‘Online Discussion Forum’ tab on the district website at to check it out.