Society supports 0ff-leash dog park at Nanoose Road site

The Nanoose Community Park may be frequented by dogs in the future.

Electoral Area E director Bob Rogers brought forward an idea to provide an off-leash dog park at the Nanoose Road site, once the playground has been dismantled. The playground structures were taken down in March due to their age and unsafe condition.

Roger’s proposal has already received support from the Nanoose Bay Activities and Recreation Society. The manager of Nanoose Place, Eve Flynn, expressed the society’s position in a letter to Rogers.

“Many folks walk their dogs at Nanoose Place and this most certainly would be beneficial as a second option and in very close proximity to the dog walking public,” Flynn wrote.

Flynn added it would be a lovely amenity to add to the local community.

“We look forward to its creation,” she said.

The Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee was directed to discuss and consider future use of the now-vacant park.