Turn troubles raise business hackles

Orange Bridge median costing local businesses customers

Larry Adams, owner of the Orange Bridge Cafe and Campground, wants the city to review traffic calming measures along Highway 19A at their property.

“We purchased the property about two years ago… and had serious concerns about the traffic calming measures. It has affected access to our coffee shop and campground,” he told council at their latest meeting.

He said the median, which was installed around five years ago, makes left turns impossible on that block, restricting access to several businesses located on both sides of the highway.

He said southeast bound customers can access their property by turning off the highway early at Shelly Road, but they need to plan that in advance and once they reach the business it is too late and many don’t bother turning around.


“We are quickly learning that our restaurant operation will not be sustainable without access to the property,” he summed up asking council to look into the issue.