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Vancouver Island couple creates hockey-themed board game

The game will be available online across Canada starting May 25
Courtenay couple Anne Doyle and David Laverton invented Dice Hockey Challenge, a family-friendly board game for all ice hockey fans. Photo submitted.

Canadian hockey fans pumped up for the playoffs can now enjoy their favourite game year-round, thanks to a new board game invented by Courtenay residents.

Dice Hockey Challenge is the brainchild of Anne Doyle and David Laverton.

Originally from New Zealand, David laced up his skates and picked up a hockey stick at a young age. His wife Anne is a visual artist by trade.

Combining their skills and passion, the couple has created an inclusive, competitive and fun board game to play year-round, that combines strategic thinking, skillful planning and a dash of luck.

“For many years, my wife and I always had this idea to design an interactive board game that would integrate hockey,” said Laverton. “(We wanted to) create a game that was competitive but also provided opportunities for people of all ages to come together and play.”

Goal of the game

The board game includes all the elements of a regular ice hockey game. Players get to take on the roles of coach, offence, defence and goaltender on every play.

“There’s three periods of 10 turns for each player,” explained Laverton. “The purpose is to try and score as many goals as you can against your opponents to win. (Additionally) there is a whole series of action cards which you can draw… that are meant to emulate everything that happens in a hockey game (including) everything from breakaways to penalty shots.”

Emphasizing the all-inclusive nature of their game, Laverton says that anyone over the age of 12 who loves hockey is sure to enjoy this new tabletop game.

“We wanted to make sure that (this game) captured all of the elements of what happens in a regular hockey game,” he said. “We wanted to do it in a way that if you’ve never played hockey before, you could pick it up relatively quickly.”

To learn more about the game or to purchase it, visit or check with your local board game store.

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