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Vancouver Island woman discovers naked man in the trunk of her car

Nanaimo RCMP staff sergeant says incident was a ‘first’ in his policing experience
A woman in Nanaimo called police after she discovered, in her car trunk, a naked man who may have been hiding there for as long as three days. (@bethanycoker/TikTok image)

A Nanaimo woman made a strange discovery this week when she found a naked man in the trunk of her car.

Bethany Coker, an automotive technician, found mud smeared on the seat of her car and elsewhere in the vehicle Saturday, Jan. 30, but it was another three days before she discovered a man had been hiding in the trunk of her vehicle. When she did discover the man Tuesday, Feb. 1, he was completely naked.

She posted on her TikTok social media account a video of herself questioning the man, who is partially visible through gaps in the backseat centre console of the Subaru. The TikTok video can be seen at

“Why are you in my trunk and are you naked?” Coker asked.

“Yeah,” the man responded. “It’s a rite of passage.”

When several Nanaimo RCMP officers arrived to retrieve the man he asked, before getting out of the trunk of the car, if he could put his pants on.

“We’d really appreciate that,” replied one of the officers in the video.

Staff Sgt. John Blaase, of the Nanaimo RCMP, said officers who responded to the scene took the man to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital for a psychological assessment. He said the incident was a new one for him as a police officer.

“I’ve been doing this now for 34 years and I have to say it’s the first time I’ve had that issue,” Blaase said.

He said he didn’t understand how the car’s owner would not have noticed something amiss during the three days prior to discovering the man in her trunk.

Blaase said although the incident would have been a frightening experience for a vehicle owner, it appeared the man was not planning anything nefarious and, given the circumstances, it’s unlikely he will face any charges.

The staff sergeant advised people to keep their vehicles locked to prevent others from gaining easy access.

As of press time, Coker hadn’t responded to requests for comment.

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