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A depressing choice

Collapse of the BC Conservatives puts us back to the same old game

I have voted in every federal and provincial election since I was old enough to vote in 1952.

Since then, I have seen some great governments and recently some very poor ones. Looking at our choice for the next election is very depressing at best.

The Conservative party was a possible alternative for many until all this fuss about leadership.

I don’t know who the dissidents are — whether they are Liberals trying to destroy the party or an arrogant group who think that they are the only ones to run things, or possibly an honest group thinking that there is a real problem.

It really doesn’t matter, as this will almost destroy any chance of the party making any large gains in the next election. This is what happened to destroy the B.C. Reform Party some years ago.

As we have seen many  times, a political party does not require a strong leader. The NDP have gone some 20 years without a strong leader, the last one being Mike Harcourt, and his government was only fair.

Since the NDP will form our next government (God help us), where do we go from here? We have only very limited idea of what they have planned, if anything.

The Liberals have managed to alienate most of the intelligent people of the province — they will have little chance of being elected. Their privatization policy was a 100 per cent failure and has brought about to near destruction of the ferry system and with MLA Ron Cantelon making statements like walk on the ferry and rent a car on the other side, it shows that he has lost all sense of reality and has no idea of the real problems.

I just hope that the Conservatives and the Liberals can do a complete reconstruction of their parties before the next election.




Victor Young


Nanoose Bay