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A park for us all

Instead of a bar or an arts centre, let's have a park in the old Qualicum Beach bus garage

Qualicum Beach is a beautiful town, although less beautiful now that the row of trees separating the buses from the car parking have been so summarily removed, but it is a town much in need of park areas. We have several walking trails, but little in the way of people places.

With the removal of the buses we have a wonderful opportunity to create a gathering place for the town, a place where people could stop and chat, sit and enjoy the passing parade. A few benches, some flowers, perhaps a fountain, could provide a gathering spot much like the English village green was the focal point of each village.

Creating a park where the present car parking space is would be relatively easy to do and would be easily accessible for people walking or with their scooters.

By putting a park in the space where the cars are parked, just imagine what a focal point for the community it could be. It would bring people to the area more effectively than any building, be it commercial or arts-oriented, could ever do.

Please give thoughtful consideration to creating something for the future for all.

Catherine  Khan


Qualicum Beach