Abolish Canada’s senate

If all parties agree, getting rid of this fossil shouldn't be too difficult

I was quite disappointed to see the prime minister appointing five new senators to the upper house.

More taxpayer money going to this unelected non-representative institution that has long outlived its usefulness and, in fact, is an impediment to democracy.

Mr. Mulcair, Ms. May  and whoever ends up leading the Liberal Party need to pledge to not appoint any new senators during their term of service, if elected prime minister.

If such pledges became routine during election campaigns the Senate would gradually wither away to the last senator and Canada would at last be rid of this expensive anachronism.

To further reduce the ranks of senators it might be worth seeing if their terms of service and pension commencement ages could be lowered by the prime minister who is, after all, the only person responsible for their appointments.

The NDP has long stood for abolishing the Senate.  It is time for the Liberals and Greens to get on board. No further appointments!

Bob Pellow