Attitude disgusting

Don't forget - the teachers are instructing our future leaders

No money in the coffers for the teachers?   I’m calling B.S. on that one.

We have two teachers in our immediate family. One retired recently, and one recently returned from the Middle East.

I have worked in the private sector for many years, and have never seen a more dedicated, devoted employee than these women and their co-workers.

Yes, they are our employees, so why are we treating them so poorly?

The vast majority of teachers we have met are working evenings and weekends preparing classroom programs, marking papers, and a myriad of other extra-curricular projects to enhance their students school experience — and with no extra pay.

We have seen this first-hand for many years.

Disgusting is a polite word covering our feelings about this situation. Our government needs to get it’s collective guano together.

Roy and Diana DiCastri


Qualicum Beach