Be responsible

My understanding for your precious cat ends when it does its business in my garden and kills the birds

My understanding for your pet cats stops the minute I see it crapping in my garden, killing the baby birds in my tree that I’ve enjoyed watching as they learn to fly, or stealing the fish from my pond.

It’s hypocritical to point out that dogs have natural behaviours that we control with leashes, but think that cats should be free to indulge them.

I don’t need them to control vermin either. I do that quite well with traps.

As a former cat owner myself, I know it’s entirely possible to be a responsible pet owner and train them as indoor cats, or build them an outdoor run.

Anyone who lets a cat run loose in an urban environment to face death from innumerable threats doesn’t really care for their animal. Take responsibility for your animals rather than letting neighbours do it for you.

Mike Laplante