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Broom is busted

The broom cutting is over in Oceanside - and thanks to everyone who took part

What a great year it was! Thank you to everyone who took part! I believe that we have proven that the people care, that we can get control of Scotch Broom, and that we’re willing to do what it takes to protect our beautiful home, ecosystem, and native species.

That is a really big deal!

When others were ready to give up on Scotch broom, and let it take over, you showed a better way.

Next year will be awesome!  Talk to friends and neighbors.  This could be a phenomenal event.  Scotch broom has taken over in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Northwest of the US, Brazil, Croatia ...  What if we have found a way to turn the tide?  Let’s do it!

Thank you thank you!

We have to stop cutting on the road.  While you can still cut broom and it will probably die, the seeds are in abundance.

Joanne Sales