Broom issue overblown in District 69

Peter Simeonoff really rattled the Broombusters cage.

Peter Simeonoff really rattled the Broombusters cage.

Their highly educated committee must have stayed up all night to come up with their latest. Broom scaring the tourists away from Parksville?

I have another one — an old lady remembers that she had been bitten by broom when she was a small girl. (Of course, that was in the Old Country where broom is more vicious).

And … how about some reward to Joanna Sales for awakening we uneducated and gullible Island people to the dangers we face from this non-native species called broom?

So, if one bright morning you happen to notice a gathering of bright yellow shrubs in your front garden, back off. Do not touch or smell. They are very invasive and could bite. Or you could fall over gasping with asthma.

Could they also be highly inflammable?

She and the highly educated swashbuckling buccaneers will descend with their clubs and reduce the Broom to a tidy pile in your front yard. Six months later, the municipal workers will come and remove (if you are lucky) the pile.

So once again, we can sleep safely in our beds knowing that we, and the world, are saved from this scourge — the worst since the Great Plague.

Samuel King

Qualicum Beach