Car time machines

How can 2014 models already be out when it's barely 2013?

Once more I am somewhat bewildered by apparently illusionary current television advertizing.

An automobile manufacturer is now extolling the merits and desirability of their new 2014 vehicle model.

Here we are less than two months into 2013 and a new 2014 model vehicle is now available. But is it really an actual 2014 assembly line product?

Perhaps the 2014 label at this time is at best just another production model name like deluxe or limited or even special?

This just might work to the consumers’ advantage. Will the dealership now recognize its left over 2012 vehicles as two-year-old vehicles and offer not one but two years depreciation discounts to buyers?

Come to think of it, would their current 2013 vehicles now be eligible for a one-year depreciation discount?

What a  fascinating world we live in.  I now await with bated breath for some manufacturer to announce their new 2015 model vehicle as early as perhaps March or April 1.

These cars are a veritable time machines, eh?

Jack Biickert