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Change is coming

Anyone who thinks Qualicum Beach can rest easy just has to attend a council meeting

If any resident of Qualicum Beach is still expecting the town to retain its current small , attractive , unique appearance the proposals placed before council should set them straight.

The Village Neighbourhood Planning Project presented to the July  9 council meeting  made it quite clear that the gang of three will push their agenda regardless of majority town opinion .

Up for change are unrestricted building heights and elimination of development cost charges. The former, over time, would see the character of our town reduced to that of the typical North American urban eyesore.

Councillor Luchtmeijer thinks there is too much regulation placed on what is built so watch out for some wild ideas.

The latter, championed by councillor Willie, would be a nice gift developers.

Development cost charges that support the town’s infrastructure are part of the cost of adding more structures and should remain part of the purchase price, not added to general taxation.

Frank Horner

Qualicum Beach