Coal is scary stuff

Proposed coal mine will cause a great deal of damage

I have been following the different letters over the last few years regarding the proposed Raven coal mine.

Of particular interest to me is the last letter from Mr. Alf Randall (The News, April 24) wherein he again states what he refers to as facts.

The Tsable River for instance never has recuperated and there is no thriving fish population.

Mr. Randall is right about one thing though, the water runs through these coal veins clear and pure but the danger in coal mining comes in the extraction and handling.

Environmentally there is going to be damage of substantial amounts.

I don’t live in the Raven coal mine area.  However, I am concerned.

I would like everybody on the Island to Google “Burning the Future: Coal in America” It will scare the daylights out of anybody.

Herman Vanderbyl