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Cut the nonsense

This fight between mayor and council isn't doing anybody any good

I’m beginning to wonder if Mayor Westbroek has something to hide.

Why does he seem to be disturbed that Qualicum Beach has been fortunate enough to elect three new, conscientious councillors who are willing to dedicate extra time and effort to get up to speed on the town’s business?

Why does he perceive an informal learning occasion as a secret quorum of council?

From what I have read in the two local papers, there was nothing secretive about the meeting of the new councillors. It took place in the town’s staff coffee room, for goodness sake! The door was open and visible to the mayor.

Surely a formal meeting would have limited the ability of the participants to conduct what was effectively a study group focused on the records of former in-camera council sessions.

The chief administrative officer has indicated that all was procedurally correct. Senior staff was present as required when elected officials view in-camera documents. The Ministry of Community, Sports and Cultural Development effectively told the mayor that all was procedurally correct.

My advice to Mayor Westbroek would be that he not discredit his record as mayor by continuing to throw public tantrums.

Our town has the potential to benefit, as before, from a knowledgeable, conscientious and productive council, if only the mayor would stop fomenting unnecessary dissension and polarizing opinion.

I would dearly like to see him calm down, restore some dignity to the mayoral office and act like the mayor I used to believe he was.

Tela Gayowsky


Qualicum Beach



About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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