Cyclists risking life and limb on Coombs bypass

Since the access was improved at the west end of Grafton Avenue, it has turned into a high-speed bypass to get around the Coombs crawl.

If a nighttime, high-speed camera was installed, the revenue would pay for a new RCMP cruiser every couple weeks from fines based on the speed achieved… and stupidity involved.

During the day it’s like a slalom course. Half of the bicycle riders ride side-by side or (seem to be) practising for the circus, rarely do they have a rear view mirror and there is no bicycle lane.

To top it off, drivers will risk a head-on crash with oncoming traffic to get around the bikes, swinging entirely into the wrong lane.

If it’s me facing a head-on with a ‘considerate’ driver or the bicycle, there won’t be a lot of choice. I stay in my lane, period.

It’s safer for the riders on Highway 4A; why they are facing death or injury on a race track sans bike lane makes no sense to me.

Jamie Netley