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Deer oh deer!

Something needs to be done about the deer problem in the area

Parksville is a lovely, enjoyable city but it is being overrun by deer and rabbits.

We were a garden city but no more. Not only have water restrictions limited flower gardens, lawns and vegetable patches but grazing animals have eliminated almost all hope of growing a successful garden.

Councils encourage home owners to produce their own vegetables but do nothing about the explosion of deer and rabbits.

Fencing may help with rabbits but a six foot barrier is nothing to deer. Repellents are soon ignored and netting is yanked apart.

Vegetable patches and flower gardens are now restaurants for these animals and of little use to those who plant the seeds. Never mind the possibility of lime disease, an attack by an aggressive deer or a car accident, we can’t cull them because they are so cute.

Predators such as cougars are killed or removed the moment they are spotted, thus the destructive vegetarian populations become totally fearless and increase their numbers exponentially. If we remove the natural predators, then we humans must become the predators and keep these unchecked animal populations under control.

Debbie Lawrence