Definately pit bulls

We have iron-clad evidence that the dogs are pit-bulls.

I farm chemical free, GMO free, grass-fed cattle, goats and poultry, along with producing much in the way of fruit, vegetables and fresh green produce for those who are dedicated to sourcing their food from local farmers.

We in turn are dedicated to providing fresh, healthy, low eco-footprint ‘real’ food, grown using sustainable, eco-friendly farming practices. We are grateful to our customers who, by expending extra time and effort in their shopping routines, support their local farmers — thank you.

This letter is in response to a recent letter to The NEWS by Joan Lane of Qualicum Beach, who wrote “…it was irresponsible for you to run the story under that headline without any evidence that the breed of dogs attacking was, in fact pit bull.”

We have iron-clad evidence that the dogs are pit-bulls. We saw them, as they chased our terrified cattle and killed and mutilated our sheep. If one needs further confirmation, here it is. The owner of the dogs told me that they are, in fact, pit bulls, all six of them.

Janet Thony

Qualicum Beac