Details are needed

There are a lot of ideas of what to do, but little in the way of how to do it

The three all-candidates meetings all played to packed houses. Total attendance probably approached 1,000 —  a substantial percentage of the current voters list.

While there was much agreement across the full slate of candidates —  save KSS, health care provision and water protection for example, some had criticisms of real or imagined faults in past council activities while others expressed full support for the same.

What remained unchanged, however, was the same old problem. There were lots of “whats”  but no “hows”

It sure would be nice to know how a town and district bus service, for example, could be implemented and financed.

Or how greatly increased tourism could be created and accommodated.

And as for population size, generation mix and big-paying jobs, don’t hold your breath.

F.H. Horner


Qualicum Beach