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Don't be fooled

It was Ron Cantelon's Liberals who opted to sell raw logs in the first place

So now Ron Cantelon thinks raw log exports are bad for B.C.? (The News, Sept. 7).

Give me a break!! MLA Ron Cantelon is a member of the government who promotes this raw log export travesty.

Where was Ron Cantelon when people from the forest, fishing and tourism industries, along with the general public gathered on the summit between Port Alberni and Parksville/Qualicum in 2006 to count logging truck after logging truck loaded with logs for export, standing side by side expressing objections to the BC Liberal government’s policy on escalating B.C. raw log exports?

Ron Cantleon did nothing but defend the raw log export as a good thing when scientists, environmentalists and the grass roots community said they were not against logging, never have been against logging, and were in fact fighting for a sustainable forest industry so that every generation can have forest jobs.

Where was Ron Cantelon when Order of Canada recipient eco forester Merve Wilkinson came up with the prescriptions for sustainable logging?

Scientists and environmentalists have long urged government to log sustainably and produce  lumber and value added products in B.C. from private and public forest lands.

Ron Cantelon’s response up until now has been that log exports are good for B.C.

Has Mr. Cantelon finally realized the demise of the forest industry caused by his government or is this pre-election talk?

Ron Cantelon and the Liberals caused the loss of many forest industry jobs because of taking the easy way out — going for short term gain that resulted in long term pain.

How galling for Mr. Cantelon to do an about face and speak like it is his idea that raw log exports are criminal.

I hope the public will not be fooled by Ron Cantelon.

Ronda Murdock